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Steve Alfano, Alto Saxophone/Clarinet
Ralph Aresti, Tuba
John Armstrong, Tenor Saxophone
Debbie Barshay, Flute / Piccolo
Dottie Billington, Cornet
Philip Block, Clarinet
Anne Borkowski, Trumpet
Bethay Clarke-Bromley,  Conductor
Michael Browne, Baritone Horn
Sarah Browne, Flute / Piccolo
Maria DiNitto, Flute
Bonnie Dynon, Flute
Tim Fitzhugh, Percussion
Michael Grant, Drums/Percussion
Katherine Huftalen, Flute /Piccolo
Richard Johnson, Vocalist-Baritone
Ted Johnson, Clarinet
Bob Knott, French Horn
Donna Knott, French Horn
James Knott, Drums/Percussion
Bruce Laferriere, Alto Sax, Clarinet
Jackie Lamoureux, Bass Drum / Percussion
Joan Lawton, Flute
John Marovelli, Trumpet
Mark Moffett, Alto Saxophone / Tenor Saxophone / Baritone Saxophone
Ed Moon, Tuba / Electric Bass
Tiffany Morency, Flute
Michael Muller, Alto Saxophone / Soprano Saxophone / Tenor Saxophone
Cheryl Netcoh, Flute
Jean Neves, Clarinet
Jessica Neves, Clarinet
Joseph Pelosi, Past Conductor
Chuck Perhamus, Trumpet
Dianne Rich, Flute
Steve Robison, Clarinet
Wayne Sauvage, Tenor Saxophone / Baritone Saxophone
George Sehl, Trumpet
Joe Smith, Flugelhorn
John Smith, Trumpet
Wayne Svehlik, Tenor Saxophone
Jack Thompson, Trombone
Dirk Tysmans, French Horn
Bob Vacca, Trumpet / Flugelhorn
Anne Veeger, Clarinet
Pat Viglionese, Trombone
Russ Weisman, Clarinet / Saxophone
Noriko Whittaker, Flute/ Vocalist-Soprano
Kazuko Young, Clarinet