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Mr. Ted Johnson…Lafayette Band’s 2008 Volunteer of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient PDF Print E-mail

Ted Johnson (left) displays his "Lifetime Achievement Award." Also shown, Bruce Laferriere (seated foreground) Jeff Cicia (seated background) and Joseph Pelosi, Lafayette Band Director, (standing, right).

Mr. Ted Johnson, a prominent member of the Lafayette Band for 60 years (1948-2008), received special recognition for his dedication and tireless efforts to help bring music to the Rhode Island community. At a ceremony held on April 10, 2008, Mr. Johnson was recognized by the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce as a “Volunteer of the Year.” Additionally, on August 6, 2008, the Lafayette Band Board of Directors awarded Mr. Johnson a special Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Lafayette Band Board of Directors chose Mr. Johnson as the organization’s 2008 Volunteer of the Year for his dedication and contributions to the continuation and growth of the band. The annual “Volunteer of the Year” program, sponsored by the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce, recognizes the many contributions of dedicated volunteers, such as Mr. Johnson, to local nonprofit and civic organizations and to the community.

Mr. Johnson received his Lafayette Band Special Lifetime Achievement Award for his 60 years of service to the band, during the band’s 2008 Summer Concert Season Finale at the North Kingstown Free Library. The audience, swelled by dozens of members of the North Kingstown Community Chorus and the First Baptist Church of North Kingstown, filled the concert space in the Library and spilled out into the hall and other library spaces; a tribute to his dedicated service to those community organizations, as well. Mr. Johnson joined the Lafayette Band’s clarinet section in 1948 as a young teenager. He currently holds the distinction of having played for nearly half of the band's 126 years of music making in the area. For six decades he has served as a volunteer member of the band, sharing his time and talents to bring great music to the Rhode Island community. In addition to being a leader in the clarinet section, Mr. Johnson has also held numerous leadership positions, including Lafayette Band President for ten years and Concert Schedule Coordinator for five years.

Mr. Johnson’s family moved to Wickford, Rhode Island, when he was a young boy and his enthusiasm and love for the town can readily be seen in his support of the local community and in the active role he takes with the other volunteer organizations he belongs to. As a mentor for local children, he has shared his enthusiasm for music with them through clarinet lessons, knowing that music can be a wonderful and integral part of their lives. Mr. Johnson is an outstanding example of service to the community through volunteerism.
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